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Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Perechyn borough, village Dubrynichi Str. Pidgorbna, 14.

 GPS koordinate: N 48048.126' 

                          E 022029.038'

 Air: Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod in the direction of the village V. Bereznyi, taxi, bus or train to the station Dubrynichi.

Car: road Kyiv-Lviv-Chop (V-50/M-06), in Svaliava turn on with. Glade, then go to the directions for "Перечин". In Perechyn turn right towards "Вел. Березни", drive about 10 km to Dubrynychi.In the center of the village, turn left. If we stay in Svalyava, it can be easily reached via Uzhhorod (Uzhgorod in the direction of Perechyn). From Lviv can also be reached via Sambor and Turku.

Train: Train station to the direction of Uzhhorod Uzhhorod. Train from Uzhgorod every 3 hours until Dubrynychi (Central).
Taxi, bus, bus to bus number 2.

It is possible to rent a car.