All year round: sightseeing (castles and churches in Transcarpathia), walking the neighborhood, leaving for a walk in Uzhgorod (25 km), Mukachevo (45 km), wine tasting, cooking on the grill kebabs, barbecue. Russian bath in Perechyn (10 km). 

The season: 

Winter (December-March). New Year, St. Nicholas, from mid-December - skiing. (Lifts: rope tow - a village Novoselytsa (8km) + night skiing until 22.00) - 1,1 km trail, V. Berezny (15 km), chair dvuhyarusny Kostrina (20 km) trail 2 km, tow Uzhok (30 km) trail 1,3 km. Sledding (on the hill near the house), playing snowballs, snowman, hardening, and chess. 

Spring (from the second half of March). Relax in the open air, unity with the awakening of nature, play outdoors (badminton, soccer). 
April. Enjoy the fresh grass and flowers, walks. 
  May. Exit to the Valley of Daffodils, nature walks. 

June. Tanning, swimming in rivers, strawberries, raspberries. 
July. The first mushrooms, berries and fruits. 
  August. Fresh vegetables. Grapes. 

September. A lot of mushrooms, nuts. 
October. Outdoor leisure among the fall scenery. 
November. First snow, korotanie evenings by the fireplace with a glass of Transcarpathian wines. 


    And as in any time of year you can visit such places as: 

• Uzhgorod Castle, founded in the tenth century. 

• Mukachevskiy Castle, founded in the XIV century. 


• "Museum of Folk Architecture and Life" (Uzhgorod, ul.Kapitulnaya, 33a) 

Robot mode: 10:00 - 18:00, Tuesday - closed 

for more information, please call: +380 (3122) 37392 (Uzhgorod Museum) 

 • "Zoological Museum of Uzhgorod National University (Uzhgorod, st. Voloshin, 54) 

• Palace of graphs Shenborniv "White House" (Mukachevo, Mira, 26 - 28)